Preven Plex™
Preven Plex™
Item# S1010

Product Description

Preven Plex ™ combines the effectiveness of the well established antioxidants beta-carotene, selenium and vitamin E with Gotu Kola and melatonin as restorative agents. Beta-carotene, selenium and vitamin E protect the heart and connective tissue and assist in the detoxification of heavy metals and other xenobiotics from the body.* Gotu Kola and melatonin help the body to nutritionally regulate neurohormonal mechanisms and to restore the body’s circadian rhythm, thereby making Preven Plex a superior P.M. antioxidant.* This combination may be helpful in dietary recovery from surgery, trauma or prolonged illness.*

Recommended use: As an adult dietary supplement, 1-2 tablets at bedtime, or according to the directions of qualified health care professional.